2nd Annual Tubac Presidio
Botanical Blacksmiths Exhibit

The Tubac Presidio is ready to host the Botanical Blacksmiths exhibit again this winter.  Their desert gardens are a lovely venue for displaying ironwork and their self guided walking tour is laid out in a manner that takes the visitors past all the ironwork on exhibit.  The inaugural rendition in 2021 turned out quite well and was well received by the public and generated a number of sales. This year’s event will open on November 5, 2022 and
close on April 21, 2023. Set up will be November 1-4, 2022.

It is pretty easy to be part of the exhibit. There are no restrictions on design or size, just that the work be suitable for family viewing, be made for outdoor use, and fit in a garden setting. Work should not be so large or heavy that it can’t be manually transported to its exhibit spot. One thing to note is that the Tubac Presidio grounds are considered an historic site so no digging can take place without going through a lot of red tape.  Therefore all art pieces should be able to stand on their own. You can put in some stakes but no digging is allowed. You should also know that the ground is very hard so digging is almost impossible anyway.

Work may be offered for sale and the Tubac Presidio takes a 30% commission on all sales. When a piece sells, the buyer is offered the opportunity to take it with them rather than waiting until the show closes to take possession of the piece. Most buyers choose to take the piece with them. If they do take one of your pieces, you are invited to bring in a replacement piece to keep the show looking robust. If a buyer wants the piece to be shipped, the Tubac Presidio will contact the artist to have them arrange shipping if feasible. Something to keep in mind is that size and price do make a difference in when considering sales potential. A lot of the visitors are tourists or snowbirds so portability can be a deciding factor in a sale as well as the price as these are generally spontaneous purchases. We have had sales of large pieces priced at several thousands of dollars but most of the sales are in the $500-$800 range and are pieces that the buyer can fit into
their car.

While this show is a non-juried exhibit, you are asked to send in the application and photos/details about your work to aid in planning the layout of the show (also, good photos of the work submitted are much appreciated for use in advertising of the show). Please have the paperwork to Cathi by October 24. The work can be delivered Nov 1-4. Please coordinate with the Tubac Presidio staff to make sure they know you are coming. Even though the paperwork is generated by the Tubac Presidio, please send all the application information to Cathi Borthwick at info@flagforge.com. If you have questions please contact Cathi via email or at 928-890-9609. If it’s easier to mail the application, please send it to Cathi at 118 Sherwood Ln. Flagstaff, AZ 86001
October 24, 2022 – Deadline letting Cathi know you intend to participate and submit paperwork
Nov 1-4, 2022 – Delivery of artwork
Nov 5, 2022- Exhibit opens
April 11, 2023 – Exhibit closes
Apr 1-3 – Pick up work
Important Information
*Artist is responsible for delivery, installation, and pick up of artwork.
*Artwork will be displayed in an outdoor setting. It must be able to withstand exposure to the elements and to the public.
*Artwork should be suitable for family viewing and be appropriate for a garden setting.
*Commission on artwork sold is 30%

Tubac Artist Consignment Agreement

Tubac Schedule A