The intent of the Arizona Artist Blacksmith Association Read Carlock Memorial Scholarship Fund is to provide interested individuals with a means of assistance toward the development of their skills and abilities.  Applicants for the scholarship must possess a strong desire for the continued and serious investigation of the craft.  Novice blacksmiths must demonstrate a history of commitment and a legitimate interest in the blacksmith craft and promoting the craft.


Background and Funding  The name of the Scholarship Fund shall be the Read Carlock Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Scholarship funds will be obtained from donations and special fund raising projects.  The Board of Directors may transfer funds from the general fund to the Scholarship Fund at its discretion.  All scholarship monies shall be deposited in an interest-bearing account.  No one scholarship shall exceed $1000.00.  The scholarship committee and AABA board will determine the number of scholarships granted annually.


Eligibility:  Scholarships are available to any person.  Applicants are responsible for obtaining information about available relevant courses, and workshops.  Applicants for a scholarship shall submit a completed application to the committee.  In the event that the course or workshop is canceled, the recipient may submit a second choice to the scholarship committee for consideration.  Scholarship recipients shall not be eligible for another scholarship award for the next 18 months.  Scholarships will not be awarded for conferences.


Selection Criteria:  (1)  Evidence that the applicant possesses a strong desire for continued and serious investigation of the craft.  If a novice blacksmith, the candidate must demonstrate that he/she has a history of commitment and a legitimate interest in the blacksmith craft.  (2) The applicant possesses a desire to promote the craft of blacksmithing.

The Arizona Artist Blacksmith Association is dedicated to availing the Read Carlock Memorial Scholarship Fund to all qualified members without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or pregnancy.


Year Round Application Process: Electronic scholarship applications are available on the AABA website.  The scholarship committee will review the applications quarterly.  the board will receive the committee recommendations for their concurrence or objection.  Recipients will be notified after the board has made its decision.  Awards will be publicized in the next issue of The Anvil’s Horn.  Scholarships must be used within one year of their approval,


Scholarship Committee/Board Actions:    The Scholarship Committee committee shall recommend scholarship recipients’ action plans to the board.  The recommended action plans shall contain the dollar amount, the recipient’s obligations to the club, and the proposed timeline for completion of the action plan. The scholarship chairperson will update the board at the general meetings of the Board of Directors.  Scholarship Committee members applying for a scholarship shall be excluded from the decision process regarding themselves or their immediate family members.


Fund Usage:  Scholarship funds shall be used to attend recognized schools, workshops, or similar events related to the blacksmithing field.  Scholarship funds may be used to cover the cost of tuition, travel, and room and board.  Travel expenses may be reimbursed up to the maximum scholarship amount awarded.  As scholarship funds may not cover all costs associated with the training to be attended, other expenses incurred shall be the sole responsibility of the recipient.


Recipient Responsibilities:   Scholarship recipients agree to the following obligations:  (1) Scholarship recipients shall donate a completed project formed by the recipient exemplifying a technique learned at the event attended to be included in the annual auction.  All proceeds from such sales shall be deposited directly into the Scholarship Fund.  (2)  Any additional recipient responsibilities will be at the discretion of the scholarship committee and be commensurate with the applicant’s interest and skills.


Reimbursements:  (1) Tuition costs for approved course work shall be submitted directly to the offering institution.  (2) Personal reimbursements of the applicant shall occur when the recipient has satisfied all agreed upon responsibilities.


Committee Usage:  The scholarship committee may elect to allocate funds to sponsor workshops or educational events.  In such cases, the committee may waive any and all requirements stipulated in Article VIII.

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