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Title Author
500 Metal Vessels Lark Books
A Reverence for Wood Sloane, Eric
Advanced Tooling Materials Carpenter Specialty Alloys
Agricultural Hand Tools Brigden, Roy
American Antique Weathervanes Westervelt
American Blacksmithing Holstrom
American Malleable Iron
Antique Firearms and Edged Weapons Abels, Robert
Antique Metalware Mitchell, James R.
Antique Tools McNerney, Kathryn
Applied Mechanics and Strength of Material Clemens, A.B.
Arc Welding Lincoln Electric Co.
Armour and Weapons Martin, Paul
Armour of Imperial Rome Robinson, Russell
Armourer and His Craft Foulkes, Charles
Arms and Armor in Colonial America Peterson, Harold L.
Arms and Armor of the Medieval Knight Edge, David
Arms and Armour The London Museum
Arms and Armour Belous, Russell
Arms and Armour Wilkinson, Frederick
Arms and Armour Mowbray, Andrew
Arms and Armour Norman, Vesey
Arms and Armour R.L.Scott Collection Scottish Art Review
Art Metalwork Payne
Art of Blacksmithing- The Bealer, Alex
Ausgefuhrte Moderne Rehme, Wilhelm
Backyard Foundry-The Aspin, Terry
Baroque Modernisms (New Work by Albert Paley) 1992 Peter Joseph Gallery
Beginning Blacksmithing Converse, Jim
Best of the Hammer Vol 1, The
Birmingham Blacksmithing Festival 1985 Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark
Blacksmith and Farriers Tools
Blacksmith in 80th Century Williamsburg, The Colonial Willamsburg
Blacksmithing for the Home Craftsman Pehoshi, Joe
Blacksmiths & Hammersmiths Emporium Freund, Douglas
Blacksmiths Cookbook Whittaker, Francis
Blacksmith’s Craft- The Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas
Blacksmith’s Journal Notebook
Blacksmiths Sourcebook Flemming, James
Brunnen Des Friedens 1991 Handwerkskammer Aachen
Cast Iron Gay, John
Cast-iron Architecture Badger, Daniel
Chains & Chainmaking Fogg, Charles
Charleston Blacksmith Viach, John M.
Classic 16th Century Treatise on Metals Smith, Cyril
Colonial and Early American Lighting Hayward, Arthur H.
Colonial Ironwork ABANA Conference 2000
Complete Guide to Blacksmithing- The Lungwitz, A.
Complete Metalsmith- The McCreight, Tim
Complete Modern Blacksmith- The Weygers, Alexander G.
Country Blacksmithing McRaven, Charles
Craft of The Blacksmith- The Smithy, Kkawr-y-glyn
Crafting As a Business Rosen, Wendy
Craftsman in Metal Lister, Raymond
Curb Bits, Ornamental Jacobs, Lee
Custom Knifemaking: 10 Projects McCreight, Tim
Decorative Antique Ironwork d”Allemagne, Henry R.
Decorative Ironwork Campbell, Marian
Decorative Ironwork CoSira
Der Waffenchmeid Preftel
Design of Modern Steel Structures Grinter, Linton
Designs for Coloring, More Heller, Ruth
Din of a Smithy- The Stevenson, J.
Early American Ironware Kauffman, Henry J.
Early American Metal Projects Daniele, Joseph W.
Early American Wrought Iron Sonn, Albert H.
Early Iron Ware Smith, Elmer
Early Tools and Equipment Smith, Elmer
Elementary Forge Practice Bacon, John L.
Elementary Metal Work Leland, Charles
Engineering Metallurgy Sisco, Frank
Engineering Metals and Their Alloys Samans, Carl
Engineering Physical Metallurgy Heyer, Robert
Engines of Change (The American Industrial revolut Hindle, Brooke
English Weathervanes Needham, A.
Essay on the Construction of Gates Paker, T.N.
European Arms and Armor Vol I Mann, Sir James
European Arms and Armor Vol II Unknown
Fabrication of USS Stainless Steels- The US Steel
Forge Craft Crowe, Charles P.
Forging Jernberg, John
Forging and Welding Smith, Robert E.
Form Emphasis for Metalsmiths Seppa, Heikki
Foundry Core Practice Dietert, Harry W.
Foundry Engineering Taylor, Howard F.
Foundry Practices Rusinoff
Foundrywork for the Amateur Aspin, B. Terry
Foxfire 2 Wigginton, Eliot
Foxfire 5 Wigginton, Eliot
From Forge & Anvil (Erich Riesel) Leslie, Candace
General Metallography Dowdell, R.
Get the Most Out of Band Saw & Scrollsaw Delta
Glaser Landhaus-Barocf Catalog
Glaser Runstsehmiede Catalog
Glaser’s Grosse Sonderaktion (catalog) 1985 Glaser
Glossary of Construc., Décor. and Use of Arms and Stone, G.C.
Hammer and Tongs Hogg, Garry
Hammerwork International Textbook Co 1906
Handbook of Aluminum Vol 1 Totten, G.E.
Harnisch Und Helm Graz
History of Knives- A Peterson, Harold L.
Hooks, Ring and Other Things Barnes, Frank T.
Horseshoer Unknown
Intro to Ironwork Campbell, M
Iron Work Rigging Manual Lyons, John
Ironwork Part I Gardner
Ironwork Part II Gardner
Ironwork Part III Gardner
Ironworking Gale, W.K.V.
Ironworks on the Saugus Hartley, E.N.
Japanese Design & Motifs Grafton, Carol
Jay’s European Vacation Kidwell, Jay B.
John Woodman Higgins Armory- The Grancsay, Stephen
Kaiser Aluminum Sheet and Plate Product Kaiser Aluminum
Kenneth Lynch Tool Collection Catalog
Knight and the Umbrella – The Anstruther, Ian
Little Giant Power Hammer- The Kern, Richard R.
Machine Forging Miller, J.K.
Machine Shop (Theory and Practice) Wagener, Albert
Machine Shop (Theory and Practice) Miller
Machine Shop Operations and Setups Porter, Harold
Machinists Library Miller, Rex
Mail-Maker’s Technique- The Burgess, E. Martin
Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel Carnegie Steel Co.
Manual of Modern Blacksmithing Expert
Metal Craft Glass, F.J.
Metal Processing Boston, Orlan
Metal Techniques for Craftsmen Untrach, Oppi
Metallurgy of Welding, Brazing Lancaster
Metallurgy Theory and Practice Allen
Metalwork Smith, Donald
Metalwork (Bent Iron, Repousse, Cut-work) Leland, Charles
Metalworking Boyd, T. Gardner
Metalworking for Schools Almeida, Oscar
Modern Equipment for Schools Buffalo Forge
Modern Shop Practice Unknown
Modern Steels and Their Properties Bethlehem Steel
Molybdenum Steels- Irons- Alloy Archer, R.S.
Museum of Early American Tools- A Sloane, Eric
My Life as an Artist Blacksmith Whitaker, Francis
New Edge of Anvil Andrews, Jack
New Encyclopedia of Machine Shop Barnwell, George
Notes for Forge Shop Practice Littlefield, James
Old Farms- Tools Vince, John
On Damascus Steel Figiel, Leo
Ornamental Iron I
Ornamental Iron II
Ornamental Iron III
Ornamental Iron IV
Ornamental Iron V
Ornamental Ironwork Southworth, Susan
Oxy-Acetylene Handbook Linde Air Products Co.
Pattern Making Richey
Peddinghaus Catalog
Plain and Ornamental Forging Schwarzkopf, Ernst
Pounding Out the Profits Freund, Doug
Practical Blacksmithing Richardson, M.T.
Practical Forging and Art Smithing Googerty, Thomas
Practical Handbook of Carpentry- The DeCristoforo, R.J.
Practical Welding Scheck, Leroy
Primitives: Our American Heritage McNerney, Kathryn
Principles of Heat Treatment Grossman, M.A.
Properties and Uses of Ferrous and Kazanas,H.C.
Reformations Fariello, M. Anna
Rigs of 9 Principal Types of Am Sailing Vessels Peabody Museum
Rope, Twine and Net Making Sancturay, Anthony
Roper Whitney of Rockford Catalog
Safety and Operating Instruction for Torch Handles Victor
Samuel Yellin-Metalworker Andrews, Jack
Scientific Steel Worker- The Westover
Sheet Metal Principles and Procedures Stieri, Emanuele
Shop Drawing (Measurements, Drilling, Appliances) Clemens, A.B.
Silversmithing Loyen, Francis
Silversmithing and Art Metal Bovin, Murray
Solidification of Castings Ruddle, R.W.
Sons of Vulcan- The Hibben, Thomas
Southwest Colonial Ironwork Simmons, Marc
Stable and Barn Fixtures Opitz, Glenn
Steel Foundry Practice Hall, J.H.
Steel Working & Tool Dressing Casterlin, Warren
Step-by-Step Knifemaking Boye, David
Structural Member & Connections Hoot, George
Tables for the Use of Blacksmiths Watson, John
The Hammer Vol 22
The Hammer Vol 23
The Hammer Vol 24
The Hammer Vol 25
The Village Blacksmith Bailey, Jocelyn
Theory of Modern Steel Structures Grinter, Linton
Tool Steel and Specialty Alloy Selector Crucible
Tool Steel Simplified Palmer, Frank
Tools Machinery Blacksmiths’ Supplies Sears, Roebuck Catalog
Tools that Built America Bealer, Alex
Tools that Started the 20th Century Lyon
Treasury of Ironwork Designs Grafton, Carol
Value of Science in the Smithy & Forge Cathcart, William
Village Blacksmith- The Watson, Aldren
Warriors and Worthies- Arms and Armor Nickel, Helmut
Welding Skills and Practices Giachino, Joseph
Welding, Cutting & Heating Guide Victor
Werk und Werkzeug des Kunstschmieds Schmirler, Otto
Window Grills and Railings German catalog
Wood Patternmaking McCaslin, Herbert J.
Woodworking Feirer, John L.
Wrought Iron Aston, James
Wrought Iron (Geschmiedetes Eisen Fritz, K
Wrought Iron in Architecture Geerlings, Gerald
Wrought Ironwork- A Manual of Rural Craft Publications
Yesterday’s Blacksmith Nolan, Charles


DVD No MovieTitle Subject Blacksmith
VHS Demo 5/91
VHS 1992 ABANA Conf, San Luis Obispo #1
VHS 1992 ABANA Conf, San Luis Obispo #2
VHS 1992 ABANA Conf, San Luis Obispo #3
VHS 1992 ABANA Conf, San Luis Obispo Panel Discussion
VHS Demo at Boyles’s Shop 11/94
VHS 1994 ABANA St. Louis
VHS Traditional Crafts of Japan
VHS Blacksmith’s Journal Techniques Vol 1
VHS Blacksmith’s Journal Techniques Vol 2
VHS Blacksmith’s Journal Techniques Vol 3
DVD Forging Solutions Power Hammer Tech. Vol 1 Amit Har-Lev (Big Blu Hammer)
DVD Forging Solutions Hand Hammer Tech. Vol 1 Amit Har-Lev (Big Blu Hammer)
DVD Forging Solutions Copper Rose Vol 3 Amit Har-Lev (Big Blu Hammer)
RD69 02 UMBA Winter hand cuff, square bend tool, socket, cylinder bell hanger, tenon tool, Cu bowl, rose leaf, curtain rod finial Roger Lorance
RD72 02 Haverhill Hot bend pipe, forging Al & bronze, discusses silicon bronze, Al forging MIG welding, bending jugs, explains powder coating Jack Brubaker
RD76 02 Blue Knife Powder damascus, folding knife. Mokume game, rolling mill, forging press ???
RD88 Rocky Mtn collars, tennons, pierced pass thru, square corner, tradtional grill Tal Harris
RD89 Repousse French repousse tools & tech. Wendall Broussard
RD102 05 Madness Power hammer tooling, touch cutting & more Ralph Sproul
RD104 05 Madness Cont. of 102, Square corner, flux forge weld collar, slides Bob Becker, Ralph Sproul
RD105 05 Alabama tire hammer use & tooling, hollow ironwork, sheet Clay Spencer, Joe Miller
RD108 06 BAM, Roycroft Class Wizard, Couboy snake, finishes, forge welding; Cu vase class Gordon Williams, D. Neuenswander
RD113 07 Batson’s belt axe, powder damacus, knife furniture, Sam Bell knife Poiter, Marks, Daniels, Patrick, Durham
RD118 07 Haverhill, 07 Bemidji Good Demo David Norrie, Peter Seven
RD119 07 IBA power hammer tooling and forging Ralph, Parker, Fa
RD123 Head Class ram, wizard, dragon, more S. Williamson
RD130 07 SOFA; 07 BAM Cu pots, Cu horse head, rose, end of RD123 Angel family, Brazil, Sullen, Wildinson, Williamso
RD131 07 Saltfork traditional table, 5 legs, 2 tops, angle & chanel boxes M Hamburger
RD132 Chest Class Gothic chest, cont. on RD133 Tom Latane
RD133 07 Pontiac candle holder, bracelet, end of RD 132 Lorilie Sims
RD134 Little Giant B-day forging anvil, jigs, scrolls, horse shoes, powder damacus Bergman, Cox, Slader, Poort, Hanson
RD137 08 Batson’s Japanese style blades, spring swages, blade forging, handle decoration, etching Hostetter, Swartzer, Dunn, Williams, Duram, McTabb
RD 141 08 UMBA hot & cold forging w/ fly press Bob Haverstock
D93-1 Decorative Twists for Stock Francis Whitaker
D93-2 Decorative Twists for Stock and Handles Francis Whitaker
D93-3 Background and Origins, Early and Recent Work Tom Joyce
D93-4 Factors Influencing Creativity and Design Tom Joyce
D93-5 Background and Origins; Shop Drawings and Sample Tom Joyce
D93-6 Large Power Hammer Techniques Forging Organic Form Will Perry
D93-7 Door Latches Peter Ross
D93-8 Five Leaf Wing Divider, Box Joint Pliers Peter Ross
D93-9 Spoon, Ladle, Spatula, Five Leaf Wind Divider Peter Ross
D93-10 Bear Head on Cascadian Style Firetool Darryl Nelson
D93-11 Cascadian Style Eagle Head Coat Ract Darryl Nelson
D93-12 Eagle Head Coat Ract; Arrow Door Pull, Poker End; Darryl Nelson
D93-13 Decorative Strap Hinge Tom Latane
D93-14 Piercing and Panel Work; Decorative Borders Tom Latane
D93-15 Decorative Face Using Hot Repousse Tom Latane
D94-1 Treadle Hammer I: Spike Door Knocker Clay Spencer
D94-2 Treadle Hammer II: Dogwood Blossom Clay Spencer
D94-3 Treadle Hammer III: Tools Clay Spencer
D94-4 Junk Yard Steel Robb Gunter
D94-5 Fire Place Doors Robb Gunter
D94-6 Hollow Forging: Vase, Candle Holder, Apple Robb Gunter
D94-7 Power Hammer I Clifton Ralph
D94-8 Power Hammer II Clifton Ralph
D94-9 Power Hammer III Clifton Ralph
D94-10 Steer Head Handle Francis Whitaker
D94-11 Dog Head Handle Francis Whitaker
D94-12 Repousse I Nathum Hersom
D94-13 Repousse II Nathum Hersom
D94-14 Forge Welding, Baskets & Globes Dorothy Stiegler
D94-15 Illusions: Leaves/Veins Dorothy Stiegler
D94-16 Iris Dorothy Stiegler
D95-1 Bar Piercing/Quatrefoils Francis Whitaker
D95-2 Seville Slides Francis Whitaker
D95-3 Tips/Conference Closing Francis Whitaker
D95-4 Introduction, Drawing Nol Putnam
D95-5 Advertising Nol Putnam
D95-6 Pricing Work Nol Putnam
D95-7 Touchy Feely Talk Nol Putnam
D95-8 Damascus Billet Making Bill Dawe
D95-9 Alternative Heat Source Nana Showwalter
D95-10 Patination Nana Showwalter
D95-11 Herring Head Nana Showwalter
D95-12 Repousse Techniques Nathum Hersom
D95-13 Door Latches Michael Saari
D95-14 Latches/Hinges Michael Saari
D95-15 Steer Horn Hinge Michael Saari
D95-16 Slide Show Michael Saari
D95-17 Creations in Metal/Solutions to Social Problems Ira Sherman
D96-1 Square Pass Thru, Sharp Corner Francis Whitaker
D96-2 Folding and Forming Cathi Borthwick
D96-3 Sheet Forming Hoss Haley
D96-4 Slide Show David Norrie
D96-5 Forming Dies David Norrie
D96-6 French Scroll, Animal Heads Chris Axelsson
D96-7 Patterns I Cathi Borthwick
D96-8 Raising Tools Hoss Haley
D96-9 Forge Welding Leaves David Norrie
D96-10 Knuckles, Twists & Scroll Chris Axelsson
D96-11 Woven Vessel Hoss Haley
D96-12 Patterns II Cathi Borthwick
D96-13 Animal Head Tool Chris Axelsson
D96-14 Stair Railings Francis Whitaker
DVD Free Form Forging Uri Hofi (Big Blu Hammer)
VHS Forge & Anvil Vol 1 Programs 1-5 TV Series Alan Rogers
DVD Horse Head Steps Brian Brazeal
CD ABANA Conference 2000 Images of Iron Various
CD 7 Blacksmithing Books on CD